About us

Background: Edfone started off as side project of EduLanche.com based on a simple learning flow that allows to learn and make notes in one go. Now, after feedback from early users including feature requests, there are more hands (including Arun Kumar, Anish Nirmal, Dheeraj Thunoli, Selva, Abhishek) working on making edfone a better version of what it started off as - a 'learners app'. 

If you wish to connect, you can find the founders on linkedin.

Dr. Nishanth B Singh and Dr. Nithish T Jacob


"Children generally, have three questions when they sit at their study desks. 

'Why to learn?', 'What to learn?', and 'How to learn?'

The content boom creating an ever expanding database of content in print and digital formats is addressing the 'What' really well. But, we still lack reasons to inspire children to find persuasive answers to the 'Why'. We also lack powerful systems that use data to show 'How to learn - faster and better?' for the millions of children in the world.

If we can help address the three basic questions, we end up fixing education for our children. And if we fix education, we can fix everything else."

- Dr. Nishanth B Singh