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Edfone is a simple app for learners that works on the smartphone. The Android beta is live and available for students.
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​​​​​​​Amrita P, SCMS College of Engineering & Technology, Kochi

"The biggest difficulty I faced while I prepared for my CAT examination was to make sure that I covered every single portion or every type of question possible. What helped me most was Edfone. Because I could have audios and I could record all of them and have proper snapshots of all the portions that I have covered. This made me use by time in a much more better way than I would have otherwise."

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- ​​​​​​​Amrita P, SCMS College of Engineering & Technology, Kochi
Shyam Pisharody

“During exams the fear of missing out on topics has always troubled me. Using Edfone, I was able to record the topics I studied and it gave me clarity on what is finished and what is yet to be finished.”

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- Shyam Pisharody, National Institute of Technology, Calicut
Sarah Reeves

“A timer, note keeper, and a topic-based reminder, all beautifully integrated into one app. I have used quite a few apps and I think Edfone has a  wonderful concept. It can bring out the best in you.”

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- Sarah Reeves, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Athira Anand

"While wondering what to do next after my graduation I thought of attempting the CAT entrance examination and CAT preparation as we all know, it needs to be systematic and well organized and we have to put in lot of hard work also. So for that, we need to stick to a timetable as much as possible and Edfone daily report helped me achieve it"

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- Athira Anand, Vidya Academy of Science and Technology, Thrissur
Alby Alex

"The best thing about Edfone, which I love is the voice note feature. It is a different feeling to listen to what you have learned being played back in your own voice... It is super duper fun to use it."

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- Alby Alex, Student, Symbiosis Institute of Management, Pune
Inspired Learning

Inspired learning

Edfone makes students look forward to learning as an enjoyable experience with snap notes, voice notes and friendly reminders. In addition to these features, parents, mentors and institutions can opt-in to receive daily reports on their child's learning. These reports are meticulously designed to help children be motivated and be on the right track throughout the year. See all plans and features

Web Application


Students and teachers can share the best assets they create with others and access the best assets shared by others. Institutions use Edfone to spark peer-to-peer interactions and boost productivity in the campus.



Dr.Rajagopala Nair, Dean, Bhavan's Royal Institute of Management, Tripunithura

"'Education on Technology' is the mantra for the success of student community. Edfone is ahead
of the time and will emerge as the most sought-after app for the students and teachers. The new
learning experience will enhance the knowledge base of the students and the same can be shared
among their friends and teachers. Bhavan's Royal Institute of Management is proud to be a part
of Edfone Technologies. I wish all success to Edfone and let our students excel to become world
leaders through this medium of learning."

- Dr. Rajagopala Nair, Dean, Bhavan's Royal Institute of Management, Tripunithura
Sunny Abraham

“It’s a good idea.
It will be useful to know how much and what our students learn each day.”

- Prof. Sunny Abraham P C , Director SPEC and Former Principal, Delhi Public School
AR Gopalakrishnan

“The app you have conceived has multiple options for learning the curriculum with ease. This will benefit student groups and educators equally.”

- AR Gopalakrishnan, Faculty Mentor, Father of Kriti, Class XII Student, St. Aloysius PU College, Mangalore
Anju Paul

"I was not in favor of giving a smartphone to my daughter to help her with studies. But with this app, she could keep track of what she studied at home and learn her lessons by explaining it aloud. She loved doing this and I could see her enjoying her studies more. Also, the daily reports I receive in email ensured that she is making the best use of her study time. I am happy she is having more time for her hobbies after studies."

- Anju Paul, Mother of Mary Ann, Class VI Student, Devamatha CMI Public School, Thrissur