Accelerated learning, done seamlessly

Parent engagement made possible.

No matter how busy you are, edfone keeps you posted on your child's academic growth. Being connected and aware of their achievements and struggles can mean a lot to the growing minds.

Improves focus

Instantly improves your child's productivity with focus timer, Feynman's technique and smart review


Fewer mistakes

Easy for your child's mentor to review and send feedback on topics learnt


Long term benefits

Long term storage of your child's learnings. The longer they use, the better it gets


The app you have conceived has multiple options for learning the curriculum with ease. This will benefit student groups and educators equally.

AR Gopalakrishnan - AR Gopalakrishnan, Faculty Mentor

I was not in favor of giving a smartphone to my daughter to help her with studies. But with this app, she could keep track of what she studied at home and learn her lessons by explaining it aloud. She loved doing this and I could see her enjoying her studies more. Also, the daily reports I receive in email ensured that she is making the best use of her study time. I am happy she is having more time for her hobbies after studies.

Anju - Ms. Anju Paul